• Conduct Audit, review, and compilation - according to the Egyptian & International generally accepted auditing standards and the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Conduct specific examination, audit, review procedures as defined by the engagement


Advising, Designing ,and maintaining computerized accounting system for various number
of small and mid-size clients. The scope of service includes the following :

  • Financial accounting systems including designing and maintaining general ledger, sales and receivables, purchases and payables, inventory, cash managing, fixed assets, payroll and financial reporting.
  • Cost and managerial accounting systems including designing and maintaining production and assembly system for the manufacturing co., cost center and profitability center for service and trade co.
  • Designing / maintaining full financial, managerial (monthly/quarterly) reporting systems.
  • Training for client’s staff.

Management Consultancy:

Providing managerial services, presenting and acting on behalf of some of our overseas
client in many managerial issues. The scope of service includes the following :

  • Cash management, treasury & banking.
  • Arranging loan facilities including preparation of studies & forecasts required.
  • Preparation for client ‘s general/specific forecasts & budgets. This include detailed forecasts & budgets for the various departments and area of responsibility such as revenues, purchasing ,inventories,. Etc...


Providing payroll services for various number of clients through our home made
computerized payroll system. Our payroll services provide :

  • Accurate calculation , time records for employee gross salaries,deduction required such as payroll tax and social insurance dues.
  • Banks transfers, checks printing for employees net salaries.
  • Full reporting regarding monthly/quarterly/YTD payroll expenses, costs allocation based on cost centers designed.


  • Preparation of corporate tax return , personnel income tax, payroll tax, and sales
    taxreport for various clients.
  • Presenting the clients during tax inspection.

Information Technology :

  • Providing our clients with appropriate IT solutions using local, international Accounting
    Software programs and financial management systems.
  • We install the Sage software (US) products.


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