• Conduct Audit, review, and compilation - according to the Egyptian & International generally accepted auditing standards and the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Conduct specific examination, audit, review procedures as defined by the engagement objectives.


  • Preparation of corporate tax return , personnel income tax, payroll tax, and sales
  • taxreport for various clients.
  • Presenting the clients during tax inspection.


Providing payroll services for various number of clients through our home made computerized payroll system. Our payroll services provide :

  • Accurate calculation , time records for employee gross salaries,deduction required such as payroll tax and social insurance dues.
  • Banks transfers, checks printing for employees net salaries.
  • Full reporting regarding monthly/quarterly/YTD payroll expenses, costs allocation based on cost centers designed.


Advising, Designing ,and maintaining computerized accounting system for various number of small and mid-size clients. The scope of service includes the following :

  • Financial accounting systems including designing and maintaining general ledger, sales and receivables, purchases and payables, inventory, cash managing, fixed assets, payroll and financial reporting.
  • Cost and managerial accounting systems including designing and maintaining production and assembly system for the manufacturing co., cost center and profitability center for service and trade co.
  • Designing / maintaining full financial, managerial (monthly/quarterly) reporting systems.
  • Training for client’s staff.
  • Training for client’s staff.